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Our Journey

Why StethoHope


StethoHope provides HOPE to caregivers and their communities, by providing access to integrated medical solutions and sustainable care.

Our mission started with a problem we desperately wanted to fix. The inspiration began when our founder's grandfather passed away in a hospital in Spanish Town, Jamaica. Seeing the lack of resources and care within the hospital, allowed him to realize that his grandfather wasn’t going to make it out alive. This tragedy sparked a sense of fear and lack of HOPE for his grandfather's life.

We provide quality medical supplies throughout the healthcare continuum. Our promise is that for every item that is purchased, we will help a caregiver in need. Over the past year, StethoHope has produced high-quality stethoscopes to help medical practitioners service their patients more efficiently. By donating medical supplies, we will aid physicians in better servicing their patients and improving their practices. 

 StethoHope was founded October 10, 2016. Our office is located in Oakland, California and we strive to provide quality supplies to medical providers around the world.  

Thank you for supporting us and being a part of the StethoHope Journey!