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Scopes 4 Hope - Cuba

By serving the MEDICC organization, StethoHope will be providing stethoscopes to medical students in Cuba. MEDICC is a nonprofit organization based in Oakland, California that has worked to promote US-Cuba health collaboration and highlight Cuba’s public health contributions to global health equity and universal health.

MEDICC facilitates mutual learning opportunities in a number of ways, including by coordinating insightful trips to Cuba for US health policymakers, educators, and practitioners; inspiring leaders of a national network of US communities to innovate for better health, thanks to their MEDICC-organized experiences in Cuba; and by serving as an institutional bridge-builder between the US, Cuban and global health institutions and organizations.

MEDICC also assists US students and graduates of Havana’s Latin American School of Medicine to return home to practice in provider shortage areas and supports US policies that facilitate greater health cooperation with Cuba for the benefit of people in both countries. To achieve a vision of health for all, MEDICC works with a global alliance of individuals who care about how others in the world live, learn, work, eat, play and receive health care.

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